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This site is dedicated to the Camps and Vans Club to allow members to exchange POI's. The site provides information and GPS coordinates for thousands of camping and caravan sites and Dump Sites around Australia (approx 8,000+), including Google Maps Views, Pictures, Maps, Brochures and reviews.(approx 9,000+)
The information on this site has been collated since 2008, when I got my first GPS. 

At that time we had been a avid user of the printed form from many books and maps etc, I wanted to fully utilise the functionality of my Garmin Nuvi, so I searched for anything that was available to purchase.
After extensive travelling around Australia I found that whilst the Custom POI information available to purchase from 3rd Party's was good, I felt that it did not meet the particular needs for camping and caravanning enthusiasts, as you could not update or edit any of it and the site information provided was fairly basic and in some instances non existent.
Hence I started to produce my own, using my vast array of maps and information that I had collected over our many years of travelling. Little did I know that it was going to take me over 2 years to get something that I was happy with.
So enjoy what we have produced and if you find any of the information to be incorrect please advise me, so that we can adjust them for the benefit of all of our members.

Have a look around, most pages are restricted until you register but you can look at them. To see what the POI's look like have a look at the Sample Page.
If you would like to leave comments or photos on any of the POI’s that you have stayed at please feel free to send me a email and I will include them in the next update. campsandvans@live.com.au 

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Remember if you have any problems or questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. 


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